Public Program: Building A High Trust Team

“Great teams have trust at the heart of their success. If you don’t trust each other, you’ll play safe. Trust makes it possible to aim higher. To leap further and to know someone has your back if you fall.” – Adam Grant

Trust is the foundation of effective collaboration, communication, and productivity and building a high trust team is essential for organizational success. A team built on trust creates an environment where open communication thrives. Feedback and ideas from every member are taken into account to build a highly effective team. In turn, this level of cooperation and support empowers team member to take calculated risks and share novel ideas that improve the team’s relationship and outcomes. Prioritizing trust creates a positive work environment where individuals feel valued and connected.

In this Lead Xcelerator Program, Building a High Trust Team, you will uncover the skills and insights necessary to foster an environment of mutual trust, respect, and collaboration within your team. You will learn effective communication techniques, empathetic leadership practices, and strategies for cultivating accountability and psychological safety among team members.

Through experiential learning, you will develop the ability to navigate conflicts, build strong relationships, and leverage diverse perspectives to achieve shared objectives. Ultimately, this learning journey will empower you to create a cohesive and resilient team, capable of driving sustainable success in their professional endeavours. 

Join our program, Building A High Trust Team and create a healthy environment for you and your team!

  • The importance of trust and the key ingredients of a high trust team
  • Cultivating leadership skills necessary for building trust
  • Principles of effective communication and giving constructive feedback
  • Empowering team members and improving accountability within the team.
  • Overcoming trust barriers
  • Improving Emotional Intelligence and conflict resolution skills
  • Moving from monitoring to mentoring
Building a High Trust Team 
Date:3rd and 4th of July 2024
Duration:2 days
Time:9.00am to 5.00pm (UTC+8)
Venue:Kuala Lumpur
(The exact venue will be confirmed via email)


This course is 100% HRDCorp claimable for HRDCorp Members.

Program from 3rd to 4th July 2024

Register before the 26th of June 2024


Shirley is a trainer and believes “Make your life simply extraordinary” is a quote that summarizes all that she does.

She has 23 years of experience in HR, Training, Procurement, Admin, Secretary, Recruitment and Business Development. She has also designed and managed personal skills training, such as communication.

Dealing with both computers and the human minds, she had developed a love for touching any heart she encounters. She has coached and trained individuals from various backgrounds.

She has incorporated values into all her training, seminars, coaching sessions and workshops for an instant, positive outcome. She is a goal-oriented and result-driven person with a high regard for professionalism. She gets things done by driving results and change.


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