Team Xcelerator

Team Xcelerator

“To build a strong team, you must see someone else’s strength as a complement to your weakness and not a threat to your position or authority.” – Christine Caine

Our Real-Case

One of our clients is a manufacturing company for a well-known sportswear brand. Their goal was to double production for the next quarter due to the rising demand. All the team leaders were supported to achieve this goal with a peer training program.  However, they did not quite manage to achieve the goal due to some challenges.

We customized our program to address:

  • Carrying out of tasks by direct reports (some) without understanding the goal or purpose for the exercise.
  • Misalignments within the team.
  • Discomfort/resistance to the change especially with the direct reports
  • Lack of team collaboration and motivation.
  • High burn-out rate as the direct reports had to put in extra hours.

We understand that for a greater impact and to effectively achieve organizational goals – vertical and horizontal support, team collaboration and alignment towards meeting the ultimate goal is KEY.  We customize team cohesiveness programs to find collaborative ways to work as a team and to collectively reach the outcome the leader and/or the organization are expecting. Most importantly, celebrating team success!

Contact us for a non-binding consultation on how our Team Xcelerator could support your Teams with meeting their goals.


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