A note from the CXO – Chief Xcelerator Officer

I sat down one day and started reflecting on the past 35 years of my corporate experience, building my way up from a front liner to a management position. My interactions with Business Owners, Corporate Senior Management as well as Human Resource Business Partners across industries, gave me a deep understanding of the challenges of human capital development. I gained a strong reputation for supporting clients with a holistic integrated leadership development and growth roadmap for all levels of the organization. I am always honoured to be their trusted partner and feel rewarded when they meet their goals.

Based on the wealth of knowledge and experiences I had acquired; I was driven with a purpose to share. I believe everyone deserves to have a bright future and be prepared for the ever-evolving landscape. With that notion, LEAD Xcelerator was carefully crafted as first-class services and channel for continuous development for self, team, leaders and organizations. Our experienced team are aligned with the company’s vision and share the same purpose. They are committed and ready to walk with you throughout your learning journey.

I would like to thank you personally for visiting our website and I hope you find the right program for you to Xcelerate. If you have any specific area you would like to develop which is not listed in our repertoire, I’d love to hear from you!

Keep Xcelerating in Readiness for YOUR Future!

Our Belief

Everyone deserves to have a bright future

Our Mission

Delivering affordable first class programs

Our Vision

Future ready skills for the evolving world

Our Values

Care. Commitment. Quality. Integrity


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