Emotional Intelligence at Work

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou 

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to be in touch with one’s emotions to the point where feelings can be identified, understood, and then used in social interactions. It provides the ability to read and pick up nonverbal communications, which is of benefit to everyone.

Lead Xcelerator Emotional Intelligence at Work will introduce you to ideas and techniques for increasing and understanding your Emotional Intelligence. You will develop  better relationships and have useful conflict resolution skills which are useful in every workplace. These skills are widely desired by all employers for better communications.


  • Define and practice self-management, self-awareness, self-regulation, self-motivation, and empathy.
  • Understand, use and manage your emotions.
  • Verbally communicate with others.
  • Successfully communicate with others in a non-verbal manner.
  • Identify the benefits of emotional intelligence.
  • Relate emotional intelligence to the workplace.
  • Balance optimism and pessimism.
  • Effectively impact others.


Module One: Introduction
Module Two: Introduction to Emotional Intelligence
Module Three: Three Benefits
Module Four: Four Social Skills
Module Five: Reducing Anxiety and Stress
Module Six: Conflict Resolution
Module Seven: Relationship Management
Module Eight: Overcoming Obstacles at Work
Module Nine: Building Rapport
Module Ten: Nonverbal Communication
Module Eleven: Emotional Awareness and Empathetic Accuracy
Module Twelve: Action Planning

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