Public Program : Developing Authentic Leadership

“Anyone who follows their internal compass can become an authentic leader. ” – Bill George

In an ever-changing business environment, it is essential for today’s leaders to embrace the opportunity to become authentic in the way they think, behave and lead. Authentic leadership is a management style in which leaders are genuine, self-aware, and transparent. An authentic leader inspires loyalty and trust in their employees by consistently acting on their core values, and how they influence and nurture their employees’ performance and wellbeing.

Becoming an authentic leader is a journey of evolution through experience. Developing key authentic leadership skills such as growth mindset, self-leadership, self-awareness, transparency, emotional intelligence, empathy, accountability, and self-reflection is vital for your personal and professional growth and success.

Authentic Leadership is a state of mind where IT STARTS WITH YOU in order for you to understand and LEAD OTHERS to their GREATEST ACHIEVEMENTS.

This is a led facilitation program conducted over Zoom.

Authentic Leadership Mindset

  • Learning the essential skills to lead yourself facilitates greater clarity around authentic leadership
  • Equipping yourself with a growth mindset enables you to create a culture of proactive, accountable, and motivated solution-seeking people
  • Cultivating a productive mindset to reach your personal best empowers you to become a more focused, engaged, and effective leader

Leading with a Heart

  • Adapting your leadership style with emotional intelligence inspires more deeply committed and loyal people
  • Elevating emotional intelligence improves workplace relationships and positively influences colleagues and team members
  • Building trust engenders inclusivity, empathy and meaning for you and your team

Leading for Results

  • Regaining and mastering control of your mindset drives winning outcomes for you, your team and the organisation
  • Setting boundaries is vital to manage energy levels, thoughts, beliefs, and behaviours, and set positive, sustainable habits for success
  • Embedding accountability enables purpose, efficiency, peak personal performance and growth
Authentic Leadership MindsetDate and Time (SGT)
Module 1 – Growth MindsetTues, 02 Apr 2024 | 1500-1700hrs
Module 2 – Enabling your Productive BestTues, 16 Apr 2024 | 1500-1700hrs
Group Coaching 1Tues, 30 Apr 2024 | 1500-1630hrs
Leading with a HeartDate and Time (SGT)
Module 3 – Ignite Your Emotional IntelligenceTues 14 May 2024 | 1500-1700hrs
Module 4 – Inspire Others for Best PerformanceTues, 28 May 2024 | 1500-1700hrs
Group Coaching 2Tues 11 Jun 2024 | 1500-1630hrs
Leading for ResultsDate and Time (SGT)
Module 5 – The Power of Saying NoTues, 25 Jun 2024 | 1500-1700hrs
Module 6 – Being Accountable, Your Greatest AssetTues, 09 Jul 2024 | 1500-1700hrs
Group Coaching 3 Tues, 23 Jul 2024 | 1500-1630hr
GraduationDate and Time (SGT)
My Learning Journey ReflectionTues, 06 Aug 2024 | 1500-1700hrs


Accredited master executive coach, author, speaker, podcast host, and creator of the ‘Can Do’ Approach.

Gail helps leaders regain control of their mindset to sustain peak personal performance and flourish.

Together she can ignite your ‘Can Do’ Mindset, supporting leaders, teams, and individuals to be at their best, and build a vibrant organisation around them. Her ‘Can-Do’ Approach will help you to stop, breathe and think. Once your thoughts havfiltered you can see the world through a fresh lens and without obstacles.

Since 2006, Gail has been coaching, facilitating workshops, and giving motivational and educational talks to a mix of public and private sector industries including Health, Energy, Technology, Insurance, Charitable, and Communication across the UK, US, Middle EastAustralia, and Asia.

Author of 3 books: Making Connections: How to Network Effectively to Build Better Business Relationship, The Rise of SEE-19Leadership: See Beyond and Become the Leader You Are Born to Be, and The Working Women’s Guide to Menopause: When the Heat is On. Don’t Sweat It!

Host of the ‘Can Do’ Way, an uplifting weekly podcast featuring stories of change, growth, resilience, and success, and Mind Over Menopause, a refreshing weekly show to help working women deal with life, and manage their mindset and workload, to thrive through the change and beyond.

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